Pastel and Mixed Media

SOLD, Eastbourne Bandstand, Ink & Soft Pastel, available as Giclee Print

Tree in Rye Churchyard, ink & soft pastel on paper 2015

SOLD, ‘Moonlight’, Ink, Charcoal & Soft pastel, available as card or Giclee print

Callanish Standing Stones, 16" x 12" 2016, ink & soft pastel

Jug & Fruit 2012. ink & soft pastel

Elm Tree Willingdon, ink & soft pastel 16" x 20" 2016

Big Ben Early Morning, 16" x 20", soft pastel 2014

SOLD Atmosphere, 16" x 20" soft pastel 2012

These paintings are a selection of soft pastel and mixed media,(ink and soft pastel).
Some of the works are directly inspired by dreams, ‘Atmosphere’ and ‘Moonlight’ are examples of paintings created from the memory of a dream.
All works are for sale unless marked as sold. ‘Elm Tree’ is available in my Etsy shop just click on the link to view in the shop.
The Bandstand is also available as a Giclee print and as a tray and coaster set via Etsy

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Soldiers from WW1, original acrylic paintings