Native American Portraits

I was inspired to create these portraits from the work of American Photographer, Edward S. Curtis. Curtis was an American Photographer working in the early part of the 20th century. His photography, both beautiful and evocative documented the Native Americans. In his photographic work, Curtis aspired to capture a visual record of what was left of the Indigenous Native American culture before it was eroded irrevocably.

Crow Indian, Charcoal & Soft Pastel on Murano Paper 2016

Yakima Brave, Charcoal & Soft pastel on Murano paper 2016

Walapei Indian Palette Knife painting in acrylic

These are a new series of artworks inspired by the 20th century photographic work of Edward S. Curtis. The mediums are charcoal, soft pastel and acrylic.

  • Date 2016

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