Soft Pastel & Mixed Media

SOLD Together we enter the Light, charcoal & soft pastel 16" x 20"

Sunlight through the Trees at Chanctonbury Ring, soft pastel & charcoal 16" x 12"

SOLD Coming Home, soft Pastel & Charcoal on paper 14" x 18" 2018

Northern Lights, 16" x 12" soft pastel on Murano paper 2017

Approaching Storm, 16" x 20" soft pastel on Murano paper 2016

SOLD Billie Holliday, 12" x 15", soft pastel

SOLD, On the Beach 17.5 x 22.5"

SOLD,‘Beachy Head Lighthouse’
soft pastel on velour paper

London Street Scene at Night in soft pastel

SOLD, Vintage Cafe Scene, 2015, soft pastel

SOLD, ‘Ghost’ Charcoal on paper

Ravens in the Mist, charcoal & soft pastel, 12" x 16" for sale

Train in the Snow, 16" x 20", soft pastel on paper, 2016, for sale

Jupiter, soft pastel on paper 16" x 12"

Moonlight Walk, charcoal & soft pastel

Martello Tower Nr Pevensey Bay, soft pastel

Absence, soft pastel

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